What’s the between a 3 x 3 and a 3 x 4 popup stand?

What’s the between a 3 x 3 and a 3 x 4 popup stand?

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If you are not familiar with popup display stands and perhaps making your purchase for the first time, you may not realise the difference in the types and sizes of displays available on the market.

Popup display stands are a really effective way of making a professional impact at an exhibition or event. You can have an impressive backdrop, which is easy to assemble in 10 minutes and you can pack down and transport in the back of your car. An effective way of branding your space immediately.

The term 3 x 3 popup or 3 x 4 relates to the size and number of “squares” when the frame is put up. All popup displays are generally 3 “squares” high and then the other number relates to how many across. The most popular popup we sell is a 3 x 3 curved unit, at 2.275metres high and 2.540m wide, it is big enough to make an impact and the fact that it is curved makes it easy to have in a corner and maximise the space around you.

There are other sizes available starting at a 3 x 1 unit right up to a 3 x 5 unit. They are also available in straight and curved popups, which can easily link together if you have a large space to fill – the possibilities are endless.

When purchasing your popup display stand and graphics – important points to remember are:

1. Does the popup stand come with a guarantee?

Often internet buys can be cheap imports where the frame won’t last a huge amount of time.

2. Are the graphics printed on the right material?

Check that your graphics are printed on lightstop material. This means that if you happen to have floor space in front of a window, you graphics won’t be “seethrough”

3. Not all popup stands are the same?

Don’t assume that all frames are the same size and make, there are lots of different manufacturers out there and if you are planning to produce a new set of graphics at a later date your graphic supplier will need to know the full details so they can source the correct fixings.

Popup Displays are hugely popular as they are easily transportable and effective in filling a large space and if produced well they look great and will last a long time.

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