Encapsulated Poster Prints

Encapsulated Poster Prints

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Encapsulated Posters (or laminated posters)

We offer a poster encapsulating service & can encapsulate posters & prints up to a meter wide by as long as our roll of film. With a range of different finishes to give your display the necessary punch & protection it needs.

What is encapsulation?
Poster prints are sandwiched between two heated sheets of polyester film which are then passed between heated rollers to enclose the original poster in the protective film. The prints are then finished with a 5-10mm edge of clear film around all sides.

Encapsulated posters are often referred to as laminated posters, but whatever you call it the method is the same.

We can encapsulate poster prints (or laminate poster prints) in a range of size depending on your requirements. We’ve listed our standard sizes below which can be ordered via our shopping cart. Please call us if you have additional requirements.


  • Size:

    A3 (297 x 420 mm), A4 (210mm x 297mm)


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