iPad Info Display Stand

iPad Info Display Stand

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Product Description

  • Lightweight lockable aluminium enclosure (two keys supplied) – black finish
  • Holds iPad 1, iPad 2 & iPad 3 with apertures for dock connector lead, camera and speaker
  • Enclosure rotation 360º, 90º tilt and 360º swivel
  • Acrylic podium top, 4 post caps & 4 sets of collars and fixings screws supplied
  • Acrylic podium tops and post caps available in neon blue, green, red or frost
  • 7.5kg Heavy duty steel base – overall diameter 464mm
  • Maximum overall display dimensions
    – 900(w) x 900(d) x 1506mm(h)
  • Net weight: 17.5kg
  • Quality assured – 5 year guarantee
  • Ship safe durable carton measurements
    – 1030(w) x 500(d) x 210mm(h)
  • Optional moulded wheeled trolley case (requires stand to be dismantled for storage and shipping)

Lock the iPad home button

In iOS 6 you can limit an iPad to one app by disabling the ‘home button’ access and restricts touch input on certain areas of the screen enabling the iPad to be left unattended. Only available on iPad 2 and above.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap General
  3. Scroll down to Accessibility
  4. Scroll down to Guided Access
  5. Tap Guided Access
  6. Switch Guided Access to on and Set Passcode if not already set
  7. Go to an app with a scrolling picture, triple click on the Home Button, Press Start in the top right-hand side of screen. Your screen is now locked
  8. To unlock – Triple click the home button, enter your passcode and in the top left-hand side click End.


  • Colour Options::

    neon blue, green, red, frost


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