Roller Banner Technique – How to Easily Put Up Your Banner

Roller Banner Technique – How to Easily Put Up Your Banner

  • 08 Apr 0

Roller Banner Instructions

Roller banner instructions? Yes, we’re not kidding. People often struggle to set up their roller banner, mainly because they find it difficult to reach the top of the pole. In this video we show you a really easy way to assemble your roller banner.

  • First, take your pole and snap it easily into place
  • Then you slot the pole into the socket in the base
  • Now comes the moment for technique – rather than struggling to stretch you simply need to walk backwards with the pole and as you do so – pull out the banner. Keep walking backwards with the pole in your hand until the top is at a comfortable height
  • Now you can easily clip the top on and there it is, your easily assembled roller banner

And to take it down again you simply do it all again in reverse. When you detach the top from the pole, make sure you don’t let go so it doesn’t snap back far too quickly which could damage the graphic display panel. It’s very easy and will quickly be ready for you to slot the banner back into it’s bag.

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