Pop Up Counters – Somewhere to Talk with Your Clients

Pop Up Counters – Somewhere to Talk with Your Clients

  • 22 Apr 0

Pop Up Counters

Pop up counters are quick and easy to set up as well as being a useful addition to your exhibition stand.

If you are off to an event and you need a portable counter, the wheeled case featured in this video is the ideal solution. As you can see in the demonstration, a smart beech effect counter top unfolds and instantly transforms the wheeled case into a professional looking counter top at a convenient height for people who are standing up. To further enhance the look of the counter and identify it as part of your exhibition stand, a purpose made banner can be printed with your branding and easily fitted round the case in a matter of moments. The branding and top all fit neatly in to the case, and of course it’s on wheels so it’s easy to transport.

Pop Up Counters for So Much More

Pop up counters like this are easily portable and can be set up in seconds to act as a fantastic focal point to speak to your clients or customers. You can also use pop up counters to display your literature or small products. You could even use it as a temporary work station if you need somewhere to rest your laptop during a busy day at an event.

And as you can see, once the pop up counter is set up there is a massive storage space inside where you can put all your stuff out of sight, and out of reach, from the exhibition visitors.

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