Leaflet Printing – Give Your Customers Some Lean-back Time

Leaflet Printing – Give Your Customers Some Lean-back Time

  • 20 May 0

Leaflet Printing

Leaflet printing is something Graphic Express have lots of experience in. If you’re heading to an exhibition or an event it’s an excellent opportunity to share your literature. In this digital age where so much information is thrown at us online, the chance to lean back and read something in print can offer your clients a welcome break.

Print isn’t dead, in fact it’s stronger and more impactful than ever. Just imagine it’s your birthday, and your friends and family send you emails or text messages to congratulate you, all except one person who sends you a nice birthday card. It has a picture on the front that they chose for you, and they have written a personal message inside and signed it themselves. Which birthday greeting will you still have the next day, and which one will you remember weeks or even months later? The comforting, tangible card of course. The one greeting you could hold in your hand. The one that wasn’t gone and forgotten in a click. The exact same principle applies to your business message. Hand somebody a real item instead of an email. Leaflet printing makes your message real; people can hold it, value it, keep it.

So in the age of digital overload, leaflet printing really can help you to stand out from the crowd.

Graphic Express can do all your leaflet printing and lots more besides. Business cards, flyers and brochures, letterheads, stickers, posters and banners. If it an be printed we can print it for you. We can use your own original artwork or our creative team can produce something really eye-catching for you.

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