Effective Event Branding

Effective Event Branding

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Setting up stall at a trade exhibition or event is a cost-effective way of reaching a lot of potential customers quickly and efficiently. It offers you the chance to communicate directly with your audience, face to face, as well as getting your company noticed by the right clientele.

But to utilise this time spend at ‘ground level’ as profitably and as efficiently as possible, a strong brand identity that can be turned into an ‘experience’ is essential.


What is a ‘brand experience’?

It may sound like advertising jargon, but a brand experience is an effective marketing tool that can reinforce your brand identity into the minds of the public. With so many eye catching brands all competing for attention, you have to do something to make your brand stand out. So by turning it into an experience and getting your customers to associate having a good time at an event with your brand, you reinforce its status as a brand to be trusted in their consciousness.

A brand experience can range from giving out samples through to a full entertainment extravaganza. Picking a particular ‘theme’ and associating your brand with it again reinforces its impact and its effectiveness over the long term.


What do I need to create a ‘brand experience’?

You need three key elements to create an effective brand experience – the brand name, the slogan and that all-important logo. Combine these effectively and you have all the ingredients for a great event branding experience. Firstly, the brand name. This is one of the most crucial elements in developing a strong brand image. Think of some of the best brand names and not only do you have a mental image of the brand itself, but you also have a concept of the experience the brand is trying to put across. You can picture not just the logo, but the ‘lifestyle experience’ it’s trying to sell you. Car adverts are particularly good at giving a brand name a strong identity, so choose your brand name carefully.


Next, the slogan.

Nobody can predict with 100% accuracy what constitutes a catchy slogan (who would have ever associated meerkats with car insurance, for example?), but a good slogan can help act as a mental ‘prompt’ for customers. Returning to our meerkat example, ‘Simples’ is a catchy, memorable and instantly recognisable slogan. It has a long lifespan and can be adapted to fit in with ongoing promotional campaigns, which is why it works so well. A slogan is essential to developing a verbal identity for your brand and is particularly important for event branding, where you may be launching a new product or service onto the market.

Finally, we come to probably the most important brand ingredient – the logo. A well branded event should feature your logo prominently, and that logo has to be instantly memorable (for all the right reasons). While it may be tempting to go for a ‘concept’ logo for your event, make sure that it doesn’t veer too far into the uber-trendy and leave your customers scratching their heads as to what it actually is. For a triple-whammy and to really drive the message home, incorporate the brand name and slogan into the logo and you have the ultimate event branding.

Event branding is a powerful marketing tool and a great way to communicate with your audience. Get it right and they’ll remember your event long after the bunting has been taken down. If you have a strong brand identity, that can be utilised in all future events to keep the brand fresh in your audience’s mind and to encourage them to stay loyal to your business.

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